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Shan Tuyet tea Suoi Giang

Shan Tuyet tea Suoi Giang

Situated at an altitude of nearly 1.400m compared to sea level, the climate of Suoi Giang similar to Sa Pa, Da Lat. Here visitors can climb to the ancient tea trees hundreds of years old, fresh green tea leaves picked the same girl Mongolian hospitality, or walk under Fokienia forest or waterfall adventures with Lang Episode buzz same cup water rub snow smoke spiraling up. A psychedelic, hard to describe makes people want to melt in unspoiled nature, mysterious.

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Những cô gái Mông trên cây chè Shan tuyết cổ thụ

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Who had to visit Suoi Giang Commune, Van Chan district, Yen Bai, are not surprised from the first immense ancient tea trees. Since the 60s, there were nearly 40,000 statistical Shan ancient tree has 200 years, 300 years old, while the trees are hundreds of years old and under many unspeakable. Ancient tea so much that academics Djemmukhatze KM Institute biochemist A. Ba Cu, Academy of Soviet science, Suoi Giang to study in the 60s of the 20th century exclaimed: "I have to go tea over 120 countries around the world, but do not see where there is perennial crops like tea in Suoi Giang, this is an affordable source of tea tree? Tea unique here, in a bowl of green tea have 18 first class taste of tea in the world "(the words written in the scrapbook of Suoi Giang).

Trà Shan tuyết cổ thụ suối Giàng

Like Shan snow older, whiter body mold, forming a winding, rough, green leaves as a natural beauty which is fun for those who prefer a natural ham. Overlooking the hills of tea and white tea can see the mold body variants have made the appeal of the Suoi Giang tea. According to the latest statistics, an area of 393 ha of tea snow, in the area of ancient tea trees over 300 years old is 293ha, 100ha are planted by her new baby.

Shan Tuyet Suoi Giang traditionally been considered one of the most delicious drinks compared with products from all regions of the country tea. The original tea here have seniority over 300 years old, close to that tree diameter of up to several meters, leaves and tea leaves to different teas khac.Bup greyish-white, looking like a layer of chalk or fur like snow so people called snow tea - tea varieties shan perennial all three factors converged scent, the dark blue water. Especially, since the harvest until processing is based largely on manual methods of Hmong here.

With 1.400m altitude above the sea level, the winter sun is often no longer summer morning, tea leaves and suck fog, cold hand picked. First harvest of fresh tea, tea leaves choose not deep, not too old, then put the pan to back. Sao tea necessarily dried firewood fire flowing water, the new green tea. When the star of tea, always holding out his bare hands into hot pan to estimate temperature. In the real stars are fire to olive Riu, then put the tea into a pitcher in hand, to skillfully so that no mortar tea, flavor tea has not lost, just do not fall off the white snow clinging in tea leaves. It is a process of careful, thorough which the star to have tea in his heart. This is the experience and know-how of the Mongolian tea before retransmission. After the stars, the tea leaves left by hunter green bean, snow white, fragrant unique sound of thousands of high mountains. Firsthand look at her cup of tea Mongolia with rosy cheeks so hot from the oven fire star, see the value of Suoi Giang tea does not just stop at special taste of a drink, it took the prize food, enjoying the flavor that way.

Búp trà Shan tuyết có màu trắng xám

During the processing of tea, Suoi Giang fragrant smell of tea leaf tea leaves are cooked by the heat of the random soft cast iron pan, fire wood timber. Plastic tea scented tart chan, seductive fragrance that go in the season of tea, we had a feeling his throat bottom chan also acrid taste, on the day. It is true that tea is a kind of water, very flattering taste, drink finished second echo forest home of excellent mountain where he still stayed with his tongue.

To prepare a delicious tea kettle, who took first phase was stirred sufficient amount of bud phase 1 of warm tea, then pour boiling water used to slowly warm phase that must use the new land of burnt aroma correctly.

The most important first step to rinse the tea to infuse the tea fields and simultaneous removal of dust clinging to the following processing steps. Then fill the kettle boiling water processing to foam overflow, put the lid, wait 5-10 minutes. Tea leaves to water to boil old from 90-1000C, to use tea water or rain water wells. As used in Suoi Giang mountain water flows so tasty and brighter colors. When pouring the tea, pour a cup just a little. When finished the first turn will pour to turn two. So there will not be any water bowl too specific or too diluted. If filling each cup will have a cup of light, dark and makes the drinking cup does not enjoy the full flavor.

Snow ancient tea drinking has many beneficial effects for the body antioxidant, helps people awake, refreshed ... Tea constant wave as wild honey, after drinking sweet, flowing feel the taste of tea is very long as the flavor of the mountains melting in the mouth.

Many Hmong families here do not speak Mandarin, but they are particularly hospitable. The owner of the tea gardens are willing to share with visitors of delicious tea warm their hands by the stars, not only hearted way so delicious tea so that tourists can participate in that process. From the tea leaves still on the trees until the tea flavor ngào flying in an afternoon mist spreads down the mountain. Tourists come here not to stop at the drink, which is largely enjoy the atmosphere, culture and way of life, an ecological environment is not doped and pure.

Trà Shan tuyết cổ thụ suối Giàng

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