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List of Vietnamese tea ancient tradition

List of Vietnamese tea ancient tradition

Over thousands of years the Vietnamese have created dozens of tea list traveled with the ups and downs of the country. Many delicious tea unique name made the legend in the heart of Vietnam.

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Danh trà truyền thống của người Việt xưa

Danh trà truyền thống của người Việt xưa


List of tea lost

1. Stripping Loss Tea: Tea imprint type list lost the first to mention the brand of tea Stripping loss (fat). This type of tea leaves, then dry processing small tongue curling bar finches. Stripping Loss Tea is the type name of the ancient Great Vietnamese tea is delicious once known and recognized in the Anam Vu Cong Nguyen Trai: "Stripping Damage tea tongue winglets that curve like sparrows are a few popular types of tea metal stock list ". Or in the writings of the book Mr. Duong Van An Asian continent have access to several lines indicate the name of this tea: "Tea at present is Kim Huong Tra green tea called tongue (stripping damage) grown in the hills An Aries, liberation, except blade, hydraulic head fighting hundred herbs, outstanding flexibility. "

2. Red Plum Tea: Tea Hong Mai Nguyen Trai mentioned in all Languages Chi in Breast Men anthologies:

... Realm of tea to water often mixed snow

Find humans, tea bar clear tomorrow

Red Plum Tea is selected teas made from the original old tomorrow, cut into small chopped laksa boiling water mixed with a pinkish hue to bring back, the dark bar, a special sweet post. Folk often called by the name of "old tea tomorrow." This is a popular type of tea meditation in the northern temple. In verse poet Nguyen Du Kieu teacup used meditation to help calm Kieu, suddenly awake and become noble ignore them Completion:

Zen tea shallow Hong Mai

Connect sauntered along the corner letter son.

3. Man of Good Tea: Tea Type list lost. It only recently, Maggie Hao tea list also referred to as the national dish is one of three drugs of macho Vietnam 19-20 century.

"Do boys know how to hold shrimp

Man Drinking tea is good soaking Nom Thuy Kieu

Tea Good Man is a precious and expensive tea list of aristocracy in Vietnam contemporary society. Later folk referred to as tea and significant Maggie Maggie Hao tea just mean the opposite of tea chronic Northwest Vietnam. Tea is tea Sustainable Forest contrary, the Ha Giang close-Lai Chau-Yen Bai is close to the middle of the cake with red wrapping paper, branding problem in production. Tea is often choose the buds, leaf buds washed, cooked for me down there. Once molded, dried them for tea in jars, covered with banana leaves on dry, incubated for 3-4 years for quality tea weathered sand down all smell him, porosity introduce new.

4. Tea Virgin: Virgin tea, also known as female Attorney tea is very popular in the Le-Trinh dynasty and reached its peak of Vietnamese tea.

5. Dwell Orange Passion Tea: In the Kim Son, Great Society, Phoenix Mountain Spirit Lac Hoai An District, Binh Dinh has two kinds of tea grows wild on the hill, along the foot of the mountain, very rare, so far not easy who tamed brought home gardens. One is tea Orange and Passion tea. In the small kingdom of Binh Dinh of Roger had recorded that: "In the past, Orange Passion is your tea, as things progress of the Nguyen lords. People use both Orange and Passion tea to carry the king ".

Name Cam tea is a story of suffering. There are two possible explanations: the security of people is so sweet tea taste bitter, but the list, there are those who say so much suffering under occupation tea lady who noted the name.

Orange Tea leaves are small, sometimes sweet taste candy bar, so-called new Orange (sweet), this is the golden tea in The Son, Cam Lo - Quang Tri.

Suffering tea leaves large, green, thick and hard, bud's mentally bitter, very bitter taste brake drinking water. So it was renamed Suffering (bitter). The ancients used for resuscitation Cam root tea for women after "blossomed out" Passion for tea to combat drunk, sober. Cam's neck Tea Passion is processed by the formula 2 that a bitter sweet one. Orange Passion Tea also reflects significant levels of rare, hard struggle, to "taste the honey is hemp" ice forest, and mountain teas earned this.


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